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Ruby Falls – An Overlanding Adventure

On Saturday February 12th, I joined a group on an adventrure to Ruby Falls Alberta; which is near Jasper National Park. On a good day this is a challenging trail; but with the unseasonably warm temperatures, what would the riverbed be like? Would our group make it all the way to the ellusive Ruby Falls?

Purists will call this an over-used trail; and that it has become less challenging than it has in years past. Will our expedition find the path to the falls easy? Find out in my documentary about our adventure!


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Come Drive With Us – DNC II

Pro-line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present the latest installment of the “Come Drive With Us” Series: DNC II.

5 years ago 5150 filmed the first DNC; it was the 2014 edition and it was an event that was mainly dominated by Ty Tessmann. That was a good year for Ty; he doubled up at DNC and would go on to win the words that year. But he has since struggled; and Ryan Maifield has basically owned the DNC since then.

Phoenix was the home to the DNC for 12 years; and the DNC was synonymous with Arizona; but building code issues forced the Fear Farm track to lose this prestigious event; and it moved back to the state where it all began: California.

The move was not a smooth one.

Record breaking rain-fall leading up to, and during the track build nearly cause promoter Joey Christensen to cancel the 20th running of the DNC. While DNC is famous for the perfect storm rolling in just in time for the event, this would have been the first time in it’s history that the event would have been cancelled. Joey and his crew over-came this, and put on a DNC that will long be remembered.

This episode is once again Narrated by Mike Garrison and features appearances by Ty Tessmann, Joe Bornhost, CJ Jelin, Elliott Boots, Ryan Maifield, Jared Tebo, Ryan Cavalieri, David Ronnefalk and the current 1/8 IFMAR Off-Road Champion Davide Ongaro.

We hope you enjoy this episode.