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Ruby Falls – An Overlanding Adventure

On Saturday February 12th, I joined a group on an adventrure to Ruby Falls Alberta; which is near Jasper National Park. On a good day this is a challenging trail; but with the unseasonably warm temperatures, what would the riverbed be like? Would our group make it all the way to the ellusive Ruby Falls?

Purists will call this an over-used trail; and that it has become less challenging than it has in years past. Will our expedition find the path to the falls easy? Find out in my documentary about our adventure!


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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

For several years now, a trip to “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” has been on my bucket list. GBU for short. This is the name the Ice Climbers have given it at least; for us in the off-roading community it’s known simply as “Ghost Falls”. Life always got in the way, and I never made the trip out.

Until Now.

I convinced a group of perfect strangers to join my good friend Markus and I on an adventure. We had a range of vehicles: JKs, JLs, XJs, WJS…and a RAM 1500…with Running Boards…and all season tires. This is the story of our trip to the Ghost Falls.


Special thanks to Markus & Sharla for just a bit of extra footage!

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