Easter Eggs

As many of you may already know, I am a Star Wars freak; a super freak even! As a result of this, I have always made it a point to put at least one Star Wars related “easter-egg” into each “Come Drive With Us” movie. Here they are!

Come Drive With Us ’14 – The Reedy Race (Blu-Ray):

The Death Star makes it’s first appearance in the series (17:10). This was only in the Director’s Cut of the Reedy Race found on the 2014 Blu-Ray box set.

Come Drive With Us ’14 – The Nitro Challenge (Blu-Ray):

Another easteregg found only on the 2014 Blu-Ray box set is Boba Fett (07:35).

In addition to the famous “Wilhelm Scream” in the opening credits sequence, Boba Fett is seen loitering about the AKA pits.

Come Drive With Us ’14 – The Cactus Classic:

The Millennium Falcon’s first appearance in the sereise (10:40)!

Come Drive With Us ’14 – The Messina Worlds:  

If you look close you will see Steve the Trooper cheering Stormtrooper (29:39).

Come Drive With Us ’15 – Silver State

The piece of junk is back! This time, it’s being pursued by Slave 1. (03:25). We also played homage to the famous trench run (24:26).

Come Drive With Us ’15 – The Neo Race: 

The famed “Death Star” makes it’s second appearance in the series (39:22)!

Come Drive With Us ’15 – The Chico ROAR Nats:

“No no no this one goes there that one goes there right?” (05:26)

The easter-egg was a bit more subtle for the ROAR Nats and was limited to the re-use of a famous line from “The Empire Strikes Back”. Unfortunately for Ty, he has taken on the role of Chewbacca the Wookie. This line has been used in other sources as well. Season 1 of the ABC hit series “Lost” featured it as well (Exodus Part 2).

Come Drive With Us ’15 – The Shootout

Another much more subtle easter-egg is the Imperial Probe Droid (08:13)from the Hot-Rod Hobbies Shootout Movie.

Note: The shootout video had to be taken down because the anthem that was played live caused a copyright strike. We’ll be uploading a new version as soon as we have some time!

Come Drive With Us ’16 – The Texas ROAR Nationals

This one (51:55) was only picked up on by the most astute of Star Wars Fans. THX1138 was the name of George Lucas’ first feature film.

Come Drive With Us ’16 – The Southern Nationals

Boba Fett makes another appearance (24:15). This time; he’s just hangin’ outside the track entrance.

Come Drive With Us ’16 – AXIALFEST

There were two Star Wars easter eggs in this episode. The first was the Wilhelm Scream. For the second one, we felt that no 3D Animation added to the production could possibly have topped this shirt (08:33):

Come Drive With Us ’16 – The Vegas Worlds

For the finale of the 2016 season we figured it was time to bring back Steve the Trooper (37:30). By the look of his walk…he’s been enjoying Vegas just a bit too much!

Come Drive With Us ’17 – PNB

Master Yoda was so intrigued by the idea of a Race with 1080 entries that he just had to come out of exile to take in the spectacle (25:47).

Come Drive With Us ’17 – Surf City

In a flashback sequence it turns out that not only did Yoda check out PNB…but Vader did as well (02:04)!

Come Drive With Us ’17 – SikCross

The Death Star is always looking for another planet to vaporize (08:40).

Come Drive With Us ’17 – The Xiamen Worlds

I can’t remember where it is….but I know there’s one in there somewhere…

Come Drive With Us ’18 – Silver State II

Entertainment capital of the Galaxy now (32:20)!!!

Holy Crap!


Come Drive With Us – SiKCross

Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present to you the story of the 2017 SiKCross.

Triple-A Nitro Mains. Gate starts. Heads up racing. A Giant Sandbox….

These are just a few things that Levi Jackson has brought to the Pro-Line Test Track in the form of the race known simply as “SiKCross”.

While the attendance was low, two of the best R/C Drivers in the world showed up to put on a show for us. They were joined by Joe Bornhorst, Adam Drake, Tanner Denny, Cody King and for the first time to the “Come Drive With Us”…the charismatic Ronda Drake!

But what will these top racers think of the unique track features, the starts and the format of the race? You’ll have to checkout out this film to find out!

Once again, Mike Garrison is behind our all new Mic to help tell the story of this unique race. We hope you enjoy it!