IFMAR Worlds Edit – Day 51

It’s been a busy 20 days since I last posted.

While at DNC I did do a couple video’s in addition to the CDWU episode. I shot a video for my pal Adam Drake on his engine break-in service; check it out! I use this service for my own engines and quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it. You’ll see why in the Perth Worlds movie. This segues me into a couple other topics I would like to talk about this week…

I actually race!

Well, I’m not sure you could really say what I do is racing; at least from an American Standard. It always cracks me up when locals think beating me is an accomplishment. I can hold my own in the 40+ class at races like DNC, but if I entered the pro-class, pretty sure I would be in the J-Main (or worse). But I love RC Racing! It’s been a passion of mine since 1991.

Hmmm…I just realized that people will read this who weren’t even born then.

This past summer my Dad passed away and my Mom gave me a stack of VHS tapes to digitize; in doing so, I actually found footage of my very first club-race ever with my Team Losi JRX Pro 2WD Buggy!

The scene up here is quite different to that of the US. The tracks aren’t nearly as polished; and neither is the racing. It really epitomizes grass roots up here.

My home track: the R/C Racers of Edmonton!

Even our biggest of races still have a club-race feel to them. Given that my filming schedule is nearly 2/3 done for the season, I am hoping to do a bit more racing in Western Canada this year; because quite frankly I love racing up here.

I truly believe that being a part of the racing side of this sport/hobby does help me produce CDWU in a way that resonates with people inside the industry. Where I think I might fail a bit on is catering to non-RC folk. The early episodes definitely did more of this, but because the series is now 17 episodes old, I’m not rehashing the history of RC and why we all do this. But I have a plan around this. More on that later…for now, next topic: IFMAR Movie!

Keyboard Warriors

Image result for keyboard warrior image

The Perth Worlds Movie, is going really well. I’ve got about 25 minutes fully edited; the cold-open is done, as is the opening credit sequence and I’m mostly done the practice session. Just cleaning up a few things and making sure I’m not missing any critical practice interviews. Next up will be the 3 days of Qualifying and the Finals. The qualifying portion should be pretty easy (until the final day). My day-Job has been pretty nuts lately as I have a major project on the go so I’m about a week behind “schedule”. But all-in-all going really good and the stories are working out really good.

One thing that has been bothering me over the past couple years is the keyboard warriors. These are people who think they know the whole story but in all actuality they know absolutely nothing; and yet, they are spouting their opinions on everything that happened at a particular race. The post-final tech was a perfect example of this. According to the Internet, this was started by the Tessmann’s…when it wasn’t. I’m not going to go into a ton of detail on this as you’re going to have to wait for the episode, but it really frustrates me when I see people getting slammed for something they didn’t do.

5150 really needs to invest in a Parabolic Microphone

The whole Reds / Ryan Maifield is another GREAT example (one that I’m covering in both the Perth Worlds Movie as well as DNC II). Even Elliott Boots leaving Kyosho; people were really hard on him on his own page, and I, a member of the RC Media, don’t even know what the full story is. So how is Billy from Tennessee gonna know? And why are we so hard on these guys anyways?

I have to admit; I’m guilty of this to a degree.

In the past I’ve cast judgement on some of the drivers I cover (Watch Reedy Episode to the Very end). When the top drivers would complain about the watering schedule for example, I truly used to think that they were just being cry-babies. The thing that we all have to realize is that this isn’t a hobby for them…it’s their job. It’s their livelihood. And something as innocuous as a watering schedule can impact them. Pretty sure I’d be a dick to anyone that sticks a camera in my face at work when things aren’t going well…or pretty much anytime that I’m at work for that matter…just sayin’…

…So when you watch the Perth movie, and you hear the top drivers talking about traffic troubles with privateers or puddles of water on the track, think about this before posting that you think they’re babies.

Anyways; I’ve got some exciting editing waiting for me, so back to it…