The Southern Nationals

The Southern Nationals; this is probably an event that few have heard of and yet, it’s one of the largest races in the South Eastern United States. That being said, only three paid professionals were in attendance. So does this mean there will be more pressure or less?

Pro-Line Racing¬†& 5150 Media Productions are proud to present to you the story of the 2016 Southern Nationals. With the low attendance by top-level pro drivers this race turned into something we really weren’t expecting: Joe’s vs. Pro’s! Find out if Victor Guerrero, Noah Dickerson or Kyle Johnson will emerge the victors of this amazing event.

Narrated once again by Mike Garrison, this story is one that we have been waiting a while to tell and we hope you enjoy this installment to the “Come Drive With Us” Series.

Special thanks: Everyone at Pro-Line Racing as well as Victor Guerrero, Joe Bornhorst, Noah Dickerson, Kyle & Kenny Johnson, the Tessmann Family and everyone that has helped us along the way.

Additional Footage:
Featuring Music by: Waylon Jennings, Creedance Clearwater Revival & BrandX Music