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Upcoming 5150 Releases

We just wanted to give our fans a heads-up as to what we releases we have coming out in the next few months.

  • Legends of R/C: RC Cribs “The Drakes”
  • Come Drive With Us – SiK Cross
  • Un-named 2017 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Documentary featuring Raphael Sbarge, Garrett Wang, Jim Shooter, Mark Meer, Howie Miller, Trevor Goupil & More…
  • Come Drive With Us – Surf City Classic
  • Come Drive With Us – China Worlds
  • Legends of R/C: The Media Guys!

We are not going to attach dates to any of these releases; they will each be released precisely when they mean to be. That being said, this is the planned release order.


2017 Calgary Comic Expo Trailer

We have released a trailer for our yet to be named Documentary on the 2017 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo!

5150 teamed up with Howie Miller, stand-up comic & actor, to tell the story of the Calgary Expo. With the help of Garrett Wang, Raphael Sbarge, Jim Shooter, Mark Meer, Trevor Goupil and many more we have captured a very unique take on the Calgary Expo.

We hope you enjoy this short teaser trailer for the Documentary that will be coming out later on this year.