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Psycho Nitro Blast

We are very excitied to kick off the 4th Season of “Come Drive With Us” with Psycho Nitro Blast. This event has run since 2008 and is one of the largest indoor races in the world. It’s unique flare will make  fantastic addition to the series and we can’t wait to start filming agin.

Will there be a DNC Video?

So I have been getting inundated with the question “When will the DNC video drop”. Well, I have some potentially bad news, my goal at DNC was:

  • To practice new techniques using a brand new color profile called SLOG2
  • To get used to using new 2K/4K external RAW recording device called the Odyssey 7Q+
  • To see if a 4K production is feasable for shooting a feature length doucmentary at a race
  • To test out what a Champaing Bottle Cam is would look like and if it is feasable

As you can see, my goal was not shooting an episode of “Come Drive With Us”. I did gather a lot of very usable footage that will absolutely be used in future “Come Drive With Us” episodes as B-Roll shots, but there will not be a stand-alone DNC video this year. I’m not totally conviced that it’s time to start shooting “Re-runs”. Yes, each year DNC offers new and interresting challenges that result in brand new story lines, but there are just too many events that I still want to capture.

Video produciton is NOT my day-job so I only have time enough to do four episodes of “Come Drive With Us” per year. I do have some exciting productions coming out very soon; in April I am launching a new series to help promote my channel a bit; it’s called “Legends of R/C” and I am kicking off this new series by focusing on our industires very hard working Meida Guys (LiveRC, NeoBuggy & RedRC).

The first “Come Drive With Us” for the 2017 seaons shoots in April at the Psycho Nitro Blast with an expected release date of June…ish…

Click here to see our complete shooting schedule for 2017!

See you at the races!



While we will be doing some filming here for Kyosho, at this point, we will not be filming a full episode of “Come Drive With Us” at the Nitro Challenge this year. The importance of this race will undoubtedly influence the season, so we will definitely be filming B-Roll for CDWU’17!

Even more importantly, TheDrach will be running Open & 40+ Nitro Buggy with his Samurai powered Mugen MBX7R!

Come Drive With Us – The Vegas Worlds

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that David Ronnefalk won the 2016 IFMAR Worlds held in Vegas last October. But that’s only the end of the story…and to be honest, the final wasn’t all that exciting. What was exciting is seeing how we got to that point.

There is simply so much that goes into just competing at the top level at an IFMAR Worlds event, that if we just told the story of the winner…we would be out of a job. Events like Silver State, the Worlds Warmup, the Pro-Line Gas Champs, the Neo Race and simply just pracice at Revelation with “The Drake” all contribute to telling the amazing story of the 2016 Worlds.

This is the final episode of the 2016 Season is once again Narrated by Mike Garrison and he truly hope you enjoy this episode of “Come Drive WIth Us”.

Come Drive With Us – Vegas Worlds Teaser Trailer

So unless you completely live under a rock, you probably know that David Ronnefalk won the 2016 IFMAR Worlds held in Las Vegas last October. But did you know about WATERGATE? WINGGATE? Kyosho Dominating Qualifying?

On February 10th…ish…we will be releasing our final episode for the 2016 season of “Come Drive With Us – The Vegas Worlds”. In this episode, you will get an indepth look at these very exciting worlds.

Come Drive With Us ’17

Our 4th season of “Come Drive With Us” is shaping up to be a pretty good one! We kick off the season by shooting some B-Roll at the “Aneheim 1” of R/C…the Nitro Challenge. The theme for this year, due to the CRAZY #SillySeason is “Change”. DNC will give us our first look at new equipment for a few of the top drivers!

Ty Tessmann – XRAY
Cody King – HB Racing
Ryan Maifield – Mugen Seiki

After DNC we are off to Tennessee for the Psycho Nitro Blast; in all truthfullness, I don’t like shooting indoors, but really looking forward to this event. The show the organizers put on is fantastic; really looking forward to this event.

After PNB, it’s back west for The Dual; the premise of this race is so unique. One Race, one winner, two tracks. That’s right, two tracks! Day 1 is held at the Pro-Line Racing test track; Day 2, Thunder Alley. I’m not sure how the qualifying goes or how the winner is determined but this event is going to be wicked. It’s awesome to see new ideas being introduced into the top level of Racing.

Next up, we switch gears a bit to 1/10. It’s been a while since we did a 1/10 event, and Dustin Evans as well as Ty Tessmann switching chassis this fits well into the season theme of “Change”. We’ll be covering the Pro-Line Surf City Classic hosted by OCRC.

We follow up the 1/10 action at Surf City with the final event of the ’17 season…the 1/10 IFMAR Worlds held near Xiamen China!

Checkout our complete 2017 shooting schedule HERE!

The Southern Nationals

The Southern Nationals; this is probably an event that few have heard of and yet, it’s one of the largest races in the South Eastern United States. That being said, only three paid professionals were in attendance. So does this mean there will be more pressure or less?

Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present to you the story of the 2016 Southern Nationals. With the low attendance by top-level pro drivers this race turned into something we really weren’t expecting: Joe’s vs. Pro’s! Find out if Victor Guerrero, Noah Dickerson or Kyle Johnson will emerge the victors of this amazing event.

Narrated once again by Mike Garrison, this story is one that we have been waiting a while to tell and we hope you enjoy this installment to the “Come Drive With Us” Series.

Special thanks: Everyone at Pro-Line Racing as well as Victor Guerrero, Joe Bornhorst, Noah Dickerson, Kyle & Kenny Johnson, the Tessmann Family and everyone that has helped us along the way.

Additional Footage: LiveRC.co
Featuring Music by: Waylon Jennings, Creedance Clearwater Revival & BrandX Music


Pro-Line Racing & 5150 Media Productions are proud to present to you the story of the Largest Surface R/C event in the world. No, it’s not the Nitro Challenge. It’s not Psycho Nitro Blast either.

Each year, more than 1,000 people converge on Cisco Grove Campground to for a customer appreciation event. This event, is unlike anything we have ever covered in “Come Drive With Us”. It’s not a race; it’s an adventure and it’s called AXIALFEST.

Follow Don Hughes, Tim Clark and Charlie Shuangka around for 4 days of adventure in the Siera Nevada mountains.

Special thanks: Everyone at Pro-Line Racing as well as Don Hughes, Tim Clark, Charlie Suangka, Paul Willhite, Vance Lund, John Roberts, the Tessmann Family and everyone that has helped us along the way.

Additional Footage: LiveRC.com

Featuring Music by: Brand X Music & Creedance Clearwater Revival

Easter Eggs

As many of you may already know, I am a Star Wars freak; a super freak even! As a result of this, I have always made it a point to put at least one Star Wars related “easter-egg” into each “Come Drive With Us” movie. Here they are!

The Reedy Race (Blu-Ray): The Death Star (17:10)

The Nitro Challenge (Blu-Ray): Boba Fett (07:35)

In addition to the famous “Wilhelm Scream” in the opening credits sequence, Boba Fett is seen loitering about the AKA pits.

Cactus Classic: The Millennium Falcon (10:40)

Click here to see the Millennium Falcon Flyby!

2014 IFMAR Worlds:  Cheering Stormtrooper (29:39)

Click here to see the cheering Stormtrooper!

Silver State: Millennium Falcon & Slave1 (03:25  &  24:26)

Click here to see the Millennium falcon chased by Slave1!

The Neo Race: The Death Star (39:22)

The famed “Death Star” makes it’s second appearance in the series!

Click here to see the Gord Tessmann interview with the Death Star!

ROAR Nats: “No no no this one goes there that one goes there right?” (05:26)

The easter-egg was a bit more subtle for the ROAR Nats and was limited to the re-use of a famous line from “The Empire Strikes Back”. Unfortunately for Ty, he has taken on the role of Chewbacca the Wookie. This line has been used in other sources as well. Season 1 of the ABC hit series “Lost” featured it as well (Exodus Part 2).

Click here to see this classic line acted out by Daniel Adams & Ty Tessmann!

The Shootout: Probe Droid (08:13)

Another much more subtle easter-egg is the Imperial Probe Droid from the Hot-Rod Hobbies Shootout Movie.

Click here to see the Probe Droid.

“Come Drive With Us” Season 2 5150 Logo

While not an easter-egg per say, I made my Studio’s “Logo” found at the end of each produciton in 2015 featured a Slave1 Animation

Click here to see our 2015 5150 Productions “Logo”!