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Easter Eggs

As many of you may already know, I am a Star Wars freak; a super freak even! As a result of this, I have always made it a point to put at least one Star Wars related “easter-egg” into each “Come Drive With Us” movie. Here they are!

The Reedy Race (Blu-Ray): The Death Star (17:10)

The Nitro Challenge (Blu-Ray): Boba Fett (07:35)

In addition to the famous “Wilhelm Scream” in the opening credits sequence, Boba Fett is seen loitering about the AKA pits.

Cactus Classic: The Millennium Falcon (10:40)

Click here to see the Millennium Falcon Flyby!

2014 IFMAR Worlds:  Cheering Stormtrooper (29:39)

Click here to see the cheering Stormtrooper!

Silver State: Millennium Falcon & Slave1 (03:25  &  24:26)

Click here to see the Millennium falcon chased by Slave1!

The Neo Race: The Death Star (39:22)

The famed “Death Star” makes it’s second appearance in the series!

Click here to see the Gord Tessmann interview with the Death Star!

ROAR Nats: “No no no this one goes there that one goes there right?” (05:26)

The easter-egg was a bit more subtle for the ROAR Nats and was limited to the re-use of a famous line from “The Empire Strikes Back”. Unfortunately for Ty, he has taken on the role of Chewbacca the Wookie. This line has been used in other sources as well. Season 1 of the ABC hit series “Lost” featured it as well (Exodus Part 2).

Click here to see this classic line acted out by Daniel Adams & Ty Tessmann!

The Shootout: Probe Droid (08:13)

Another much more subtle easter-egg is the Imperial Probe Droid from the Hot-Rod Hobbies Shootout Movie.

Click here to see the Probe Droid.

“Come Drive With Us” Season 2 5150 Logo

While not an easter-egg per say, I made my Studio’s “Logo” found at the end of each produciton in 2015 featured a Slave1 Animation

Click here to see our 2015 5150 Productions “Logo”!