About Us

At 5150 Media Productions, we specialize in several different types of video produciton:

  • Prodcut/Business Avertisement
  • Event Promotion
  • Aerial Videography
  • Slow Motion
  • 4K Source footage (RAW or ProRes) with up to 120 fps

Prodcut/Business Advertisement

Need a product or your business highlighted? Need some extra exposure? Our experince in the web industry gives us unique insights into the word of web marketing.

Kyosho Blizzard FR
R/C Tracks of Las Vegas Promo
The Little Potatoe Company Promo

Event Promotion

We specialize in action oriented events. Our work has ranged from coverage of fund raisers to sporting events such as R/C car races. We have also done extensive work on a comprehensive documentary series. Watch the entire series FOR FREE on YouTube!

In addition to all our work in the world of scale motor sports, we have also worked on several full scale productions. We are always looking to expand more into other areas of Sports & Entertainment and would welcome any opportunities to do so!

Aerial Videography

Our arial platform of choice is the DJI Mavic II Pro. It offers the same features as larger UAVs, however, with its smaller “stature” it is able to get into much more confined spaces to capture our clients environments from a unique angle. We offer aerial footage up to 4K resolution at 29.97 fps.


Slow Motion

Included in all our productions is the ability for slow motion photography. With the FS700R, we have the ability to capture up to 960 frames/second at full 1080p (all beit with some lost quality). Both 120fps and 240fps have shown amazing results and we cannot spot any quality loss.


Using the latest recording technology, we offer 4K footage in various formats which include RAW (Cinema DNG). We offer 23.976, 29.97, 59.94 & 120* fps on all our 4K footage.

* 4K Super Slow Motion is limited to a 6 second burst

Contact Cory@5150GraFX.ca for a quote on your event or promotional needs.

Equipment List

  • SONY FS7
  • SONY FS700R
  • SONY A7Riii
  • Hero4 Session
  • Hero 6
  • DJI Mavic II PRO